What Tests Are Performed On Gelatin?

Vyse Gelatin Company follows the Official Procedures of the Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America, Incorporated (GMIA). Vyse Gelatin Company uses the most current USP/NF methods for all microbiological and chemical testing of our gelatin.

There are a battery of physical tests run on every lot of our gelatin. Gel strength, pH, moisture, particle size, bulk density, viscosity, and ash content.

Great care is taken in the gelatin plant to produce a pure, healthful product. Microbiological testing is done to ensure the wholesomeness of the gelatin. The standard microbiological tests are Total Plate Count, Salmonella, E.coli and Total Coliforms.

Chemical tests include Arsenic, Heavy Metals and SO2.

Some pharmaceutical applications may require as many as 25 physical tests and 12 or more microbiological tests due to stricter specification requirements. Due to steps and controls inherent in the gelatin manufacturing process (extremes in pH, ultra high temperature sterilization, G.M.P.’s), gelatins routinely meet the most stringent of standards.

Process Flow Chart (click to enlarge)

Process Flow Chart