Our Laboratories

Our laboratory is fully equipped with all that is required to perform gelatin testing according to G.M.I.A. (Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America) procedures. In partnership with our outside independent laboratories, we certify that our gelatin meets the highest standards of purity and meets or exceeds U.S.P / N.F. specifications.

Vyse Gelatin Company follows the testing standards established by the most current US Pharmacopoeia / National Formulary and the G.M.I.A.

The N.F. Tests Include: 

  1. Identification 
  2. Microbial Limits (Total Count, E.Coli, Salmonella) 
  3. Residue on Ignition (Ash) 
  4. Odor & Water - Insoluble Substances 
  5. Sulfur Dioxide (Optimized Monier - Williams) 
  6. Arsenic 
  7. Heavy Metals