Application by use

Experience Vyse value in quality, customer service and technical support as you consider how gelatin, “the amazing protein”, can work in your product formulation. To our wide range of conventional gelatin, we offer “non-gelling” gelatin, also known as Hydrolyzed Gelatin, that is cold-water soluble. Derived from either beef hide, beef bone, fish or pork hide sources, this product still retains the other functions of conventional gelatin as listed below.

Pharmaceutical Uses:film-forming agents, micro-encapsulation, arthritis relief formulas, tableting, and nutritional formulas.
Cosmetic Uses:shampoos and conditioners as (hydrolyzed animal protein), lipsticks, and fingernail formulas.  
Food Uses:protein drinks, protein energy bars, wine, beer and fruit juice clarification, and micro-encapsulatio n of flavors and food colors.
Technical Use:film-forming characteristics.

 It should be noted that the above list is not meant to be exhaustive. New uses for Gelatin Hydrolysate are continually being developed.

  • Pork Hydrolysate for applications where an alternative to Beef Hydrolysate is desired.
  • Beef Hydrolysate offers economy in pricing and nutritional benefits of gelatin.