Application by industry

Gelatin is a product in use by many industries. The following is a brief listing of some of those applications.

Food Pic

Food Industry
Gelatin use in the food industry is probably best recognized in gelatin desserts and confectionery applications such as marshmallows and gummi-candies. It is also used as a binding and/or glazing agent in meat and aspics.

Pharma PicPharmaceutical Health Industry
In the pharmaceutical health industry, gelatin is used to make the shells of hard and soft capsules, tablets, granulation, suppositories, plasma substitute for medicines, dietary/health supplements, syrups, etc. It is highly digestible and serves as a natural protective coat ing for medicines.

The first account of its use in photography is in the British Journal of Photography for September 1871, when Dr. Richard Leach Maddox suggested that the sensitizing chemicals could be coated on a glass plate in a gelatin rather than a collodion emulsion.

Nutra PicNutraceuticals
The use of gelatin in the nutraceutical industry is widespread. Gelatin not only serves as a excipient, but also is an excellent and economical source of multiple amino acids. Gelatin is the foundation of many nutritional and arthritis/joint care formulas. It is also widely used for nutritional bars and protein drinks.

Cosmetic PicCosmeceuticals
Gelatin ha s been used for many years in the cosmetics industry as “hydrolyzed animal protein” in shampoos, conditioners, lipsticks, and fingernail formulas. Recently additional uses for gelatin are being found as a collagen source in topical creams and other value added cosmetic products.