Vyse History

In 1927 on the near northwest side of Chicago the Vyse Gelatin Company was started by Arthur Vyse. With only some rudimentary processing equipment he was able to find a niche in the gelatin industry by offering a level of gelatin customization that the larger gelatin manufacturers did not offer. He and his sons operated the business located in Chicago until they outgrew that facility. In 1963 to resolve this lack of space, the move was made to its current location in Schiller Park, IL.

Since 1980 there have been 3 building projects which have quadrupled the space available from the 1963 facility. This has provided us with enough storage space to stock an average of 2.5 million pounds of various gelatins and Hydrolysates. We have also been able to expand and upgrade our gelatin processing operation as well as install a brand new custom processing-packaging system for our Hydrolysates.

These improvements have allowed us to maintain our commitment to the industry. Although we have grown in size since then, we still follow the same small company philosophy of providing our customers with quality products, processed to their specifications, at a reasonable price.