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Cascading GelatinWelcome to Vyse Gelatin Company. Our purpose is to assist our customers in selecting the right gelatin product for their specific needs. Gelatin is the protein substance obtained by the extraction and partial hydrolysis of collagen found in the connective tissue and bones of animals. (At this time Bovine, Piscine and Porcine). Gelatin is colorless, transparent, brittle, odorless and tasteless in a purified form. It dissolves in hot water and forms a gel or jelly upon cooling. When placed in cold water, gelatin takes up five to ten times its own weight and swells to an elastic transparent mass. Collagen which makes up bone, skin, tendons, and cartilage, is the most abundant protein found in vertebrates. When long collagen fibrils are denatured by boiling, their chains are shortened to form gelatin. 

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